Come On Down!!


Bobbarkerandbeauties Bobbarker well, i know that everyone is looking forward to IFS Vegas (aka ‘The Reckoning.)  but, i felt that it couldnt hurt to have something else to look forward to.  a couple months from now, i propose IFS Hollywood, where perhaps all of us could be monking with the stars. . .sounds ok, right?  here’s the kicker. . . the cap to our excursion will be a taping of PIR, or, to the lay person, The Price Is Right.  i am already in the process of reserving seating for a large group.  as many of you know, if you bring a group of 20-25, one of us will be guaranteed to ‘come on down.’  they do not tape on weekends, nor do they tape on fridays.  this means we will have to be present for a monday morning taping.  so, i would appreciate some feedback on how many months of a cushion you guys might need to become available on a monday. i’m thinking IFS May or June.  so i want everyone to be there, even though i am going to be the one chosen to spin the giant blood filled wheel.  Price

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  1. rousing
    Mar 22, 2006 @ 16:51:09

    Thomas Jeffersion – Tom Jefferson – Tommy J. – and finally, Tommy…

  2. baggs
    Mar 22, 2006 @ 13:21:35

    Tommy. . . i don’t get it.

  3. Rousing
    Mar 22, 2006 @ 09:32:49

    Great idea Tommy. Just let me know the date in advance.

  4. baggs
    Mar 21, 2006 @ 13:22:42

    towers, if you give them enough of an advanced notice, could you get work off on a monday?? i want to spin the blood filled wheel, i want to stand next to nana, i want the big best buy titty tag, and i want to speak into the skinny mich.

  5. MANdrew
    Mar 21, 2006 @ 12:20:03

    Mmmmm, sounds inticing. All i need is a solid date. I can’t do it May 8th. Thats about it. Otherwise I think it’s genius. And yes it should be Bags to spin the wheel.

  6. De-Fense
    Mar 21, 2006 @ 12:10:15

    Yes Yes Yes. This is brilliant. In the meanwhile I’ll be here, living the life most can only dream of.

  7. M+T
    Mar 21, 2006 @ 12:05:29

    I could pull it, but I would need at least a couple of weeks notice.

  8. miketowers
    Mar 21, 2006 @ 12:00:28

    Unless they tape at 4am, I got work at either 7:30 or 9am depending on what day.
    Buying a CD: $14.99
    Downloading a song from iTunes: $.99
    Listening to Bernie Baggs on KJEE: Priceless
    Not working on Mondays, aaahhh, the life of a radio DJ. I’m in the wrong field.