The Glide


The GlideGlides 
As a hip hop dancing enthusiast  I recently downloaded the  "it’s like that "  video by non other than the infamous Run DMC. I was captivated by the hip hoppity break dance moves of the video but a small part really excited me! It’s called the glide or many of you might also know it by it’s street name the "slide". Anyhow I looked up the how too on this eye grabing, girl alluring dance manuever. I thought I would post the site of the instructions, the move is easy to learn but tough to master. but once we all perfect them I thought  we could tour the country serving  people, and I dont mean flapjacks!

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Have fun and remember "practice makes perfect" and "patience is a virtue"… "thats the way it is"

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  1. schroediki
    Feb 17, 2006 @ 19:33:15

    who the fuck is tweet…i saw that move last night. pure magic.

  2. the malaysian ferrigno
    Feb 16, 2006 @ 09:58:59

    You ought to just glide from place to place, forget walking. Walking is sooo 2005.

  3. Tweet Tweetzy
    Feb 15, 2006 @ 19:02:25

    Man that ain’t nothing. I’ve been jiving and skeeving since before you was born. Don’t you ever talk like you know whats up, cause I’m the real deal here to settle all scores. Count your tickets busta or else get off the ride.

  4. MOD
    Feb 15, 2006 @ 18:02:53

    The only dance I know is shake…shake…shake…whisper.
    Do we have a Minister of Dance? An IFS dance sequence would be amazing. What about a music video? Wow dad.