Minutes Feb. ’06



I don’t remember much, and I blame the creamy blend of shrimp and crab which probably is still present somewhere in my belly.  But I do remember that there was a lot of support for IFS Vegas, March ’06.  March meeting will bring us back to the traditional IFS cycle, with meeting taking place towards the end of the month.  I would like to ask the Minister of Wardrobe to inquire about his connection regarding the Bellagio suites.  If we can get these suites, I don’t see any reason to delay the inevitable IFS Vegas journey.  So start saving, just in case.

The Minister of Auditory Pleasures and I have been collaborating on our new anthem.  All that remains is finding a vocal harmony to apply the words to the anthem of Azerbejan.  This should be ready by next meeting.

Congrats Minister of C&R on Member of the Month.

And I beleive there was a desire to cap membership and keep IFS where it’s at for  a while.

If I am missing any key elements of our most recent business, please add as you see fit.

– shake, shake, shake, (oh shit, there’s people around . ..)  eyes.

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  1. frickoso
    Feb 13, 2006 @ 09:27:15

    And perhaps some IFS Vegas T shirts? Hmmm. Shake shake shake…nod.

  2. The Minister of C. & R.
    Feb 12, 2006 @ 12:40:41

    Great job following up on this issue of great importance. We must hear from our International Minister regading his date of marriage, as well as our Minister of Wardrobe regarding his Las Vegas connects. Shake, shake, shake…(whisper).