Greatest Commercial Ever!!

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     89_1 I was inspired today by Michael Jordan’s newest ad for his recently unveiled Jordan XXI.  The ad is a series of everyday people recreating some of Jordan’s most memorable shots, dunks, plays and moments over the course of his brilliant career.  As I am not a computer wizard, i do not know how to post it on this site directly.  However, please go to to view the commercial in its entirety.  The site will take a little while to load, as it is a very technical site.  Click on the top left image, then click on ‘watch’.  Whether or not you have followed Jordan’s career a lot or a little, the images that they recreate are unmistakeable.  Even the camera angles are right on par with their actual counterparts.  Fidel didn’t get the ad at all, but I forgot he was French.


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  1. Minister of C. & R.
    Feb 20, 2006 @ 16:47:48

    C’mon Fidel. Already?