The Great Silverback



Ministers and Rabbi,
     I’m posting to let everyone know that our next meeting will take place on Superbowl weekend, the weekend of Feb. 3rd, 4th, and 5th.  However, it is strongly encouraged that all Ministers (and Rabbi ) meet in their respective residencies during the month of January.  As my esteemed Secretary of Arousal (The Minister of International Affairs) put it, this would prevent us from ‘starting the year off on the wrong foot – whem jem.’  So, each IFS faction – SB, LA, OC, SD, and Australia – could organize their own official ‘gatherings,’ so as to maintain the IFS spirit for this first and most crucial month. 
      MOD, seeing as that you’re the only IFS in your area, you may want to join up with another faction – and of course, the OC would be honored to have you.  But then again, I think we’d all love knowing that you walked into an IHOP alone, ate breakfast, put back four buds, then left.  That’d be pretty Baumanesque.

     Anyways, mark your calendars for the first weekend of Febuary.  And this time, lets play basketball.  Maybe some of you Bath jiggas could seek out a court.  With that, I hope everyone had a pleasant holiday break.  Here’s a picture of my house wit’ all the lights up, and my dad being  an angry Silverback.

Good Flapjack,
The Minister of C. & R.



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  1. Minister of Media and Technology
    Jan 10, 2006 @ 17:39:16

    My b-day is on Thursday of that week so I may go up there early if anyone wants to get wrecked three days in a row.

  2. Minister of Media and Technology
    Jan 10, 2006 @ 16:32:29

    That’s A BIG MONKEY DAD!