Hey Delicious, Get My Man an XBOX 360

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As a gaming connoisseur and long time Zelda advocate, I have prided myself on owning the latest and greatest at all times.  Waiting for the Xbox 360 has been grinding my gears for weeks now, but fortunately the Minister of C+R has assuaged my desire to play the glorious machine.  Talking to him however, I realized that not everyone reads the video game rags as much as I do, so I thought I would let those lucky bastards at the Bath house know, if they don’t already, that Xbox Live may be the saving grace for the system over the next few months.
    The release list is a little soft for the new system, as all new systems are so hurriedly rushed to stores, publishers either do the same with their games or wait till their done, which can often taken 6-18 months after the release of the system.  Here is the release list over at IGN.  As I have found to be the case with the PSP, which still, almost a year later, has only a few top-level games.
    With the XBOX 360 this unfortunately may be the case, but not to worry Microsoft planned to assuage your hunger with demos and retro games all Winter long.  The demo for Fight Night Round 3 is already out on the Xbox Live Marketplace, and a couple others like PGR 3.  Of the retro games, Geometry Wars is the consensual leader around the Internet/Nerd/Game Wizard water cooler, but Street Fighter II is coming in a few months with on line play and such.  So the Minister of M+T could beat down the Minister of ID 140 miles away, nice!  The retro games come at a price though, but nothing compared to the $60 games out now, least its not the $75 Super Nintendo used to charge, damn that was expensive.

Any who, I look forward to the ass-kicking that can be had in the coming years.  I know I will be ponying up to buy my own soon enough, but until then I will just have to play with my Ball-In-A-Cup.

Update: We created a gamertag on Live, Monk42.  Bring it!

Update #2: Geometry Wars is a maddeningly addictive game.  Check out this video of a dude getting 2.6 million pts, all for the sake of a little appreciation. (Joystiq)

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