Wow Dad, that Society is Big

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Ministers and Rabbi,

     First off, great post MOM.  Also, big ups to the San Diegan Ministers for Coordinating our point of congregation.  Anyways, as you all know, our Mom is great Man.  Kind, just, and always accommodating, Mom leads by example, bringing a laudable presence to a society founded on debauchery and vice.  He’s also been known to maintain the peace with an iron fist, tossing transgressors through glass furniture and rendering the villainous with blackened eyes and bruised feet.  (plus Mom kind of looks like a Malaysian Ferrigno)


With that said, of course Mom beckons us into his new home with open arms.  But, fourteen monkeys between two apartments is asking for trouble.  So, I’m suggesting that we lighten the load, and check out a room or two at a local hotel.  The Minister of R and S suggested the Catamaran, a decent looking place in close proximity to the apartments and the bars.  Splitting the bill among four would mean about $60 a person for the whole weekend. 

     If anyone needs help with Coordination and or Rousing aspects of booking a room, just let me know (remember, it’s about four monkeys per room).  And once again, remember to bring clothing and shoes for basketball after the meeting.

-Minister of C. & R.


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  1. Minister of Media and Technology
    Dec 14, 2005 @ 18:11:22

    I could $60 for the weekend. $30 a night ain’t bad. I also don’t mind sleeping on the floor at MOM’s but it’s going to get a little cramped.