Why Scott?

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Baumann, why do you keep bagging on the ungraduated. I don’t know what prompted that but my feelings are hurt. Leave me and Mark out of this, I am actually making this post in the greater UC Santa Barbara library.Moving on to business, as far as the next meeting, if the MOM has exhausted all of the local IHOP’s in town and none could fit our accomodations then I think it doesn’t matter where we eat as long as our constitution is upheld.  Do not fear the change, Turnpike will always be there when the occasion calls.  We should also collectively plan on playing basketball after the meeting, and maybe we can pick more fair teams than that slaughter called a football game we had afterwards.  I think it will be a grand time. And look at my new long sleeve yellow shirt and snazzy vest, thats me leaving the library listening to some good ol’ fashioned traveling music.Library

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  1. Minister of Media + Technology
    Dec 02, 2005 @ 19:49:33

    You look good. I wish I had a snazzy vest, then I could get pinned.