Times, They are a Changin’


Have we forgotten about the I.F.S. calendar?  If our horribly amazing/embarrassing photo shoot was all for naught, I’ll be beside myself.  Here’s an idea:  Dane Campbell as Minister of the Annual Calendar.  To make up for his poor showing last month, he could act fast and have calendars printed for the December meeting, just in time to ring in the New Year with our beautiful faces.  This would require getting the pictures and actually going to Kinko’s.  This could be done in an afternoon, or at the pace of the Minister of Wardrobe and be printed and ready for 2007.

We could also make a Mayan calendar so Finance can read it.

Out like a trout

Minister of DAD (can I call myself that?)

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  1. Minister of Media and Technology
    Dec 13, 2005 @ 17:06:10

    mmmmm…wild turkey shots…almost makes me throw up in my mouth when i say it

  2. schroediki
    Dec 13, 2005 @ 15:36:17

    at this very moment i am besides myself with joy at the thought of creating the calendar. maybe dane can be the minister of publicity or something along those lines…i love you all but dane will be receiving wild turkey shots from yours truy at that bar so i can see if he is resilient enough to overcome his demons at the meeting, dane, you cornhusker…

  3. Baumann
    Dec 13, 2005 @ 10:19:36

    I think this would be great. The only problem is, Dane would still have to do something to redeem himself. Maybe push-ups. If we got the calenders around Christmas time, everyone would get a present. Whoopee!

  4. Minister of Media and Technology
    Dec 13, 2005 @ 10:06:55

    I found a website that does the calendars with a different member for each month and it will cost $240 for 16 of them. The only problem, they have to be processed, 2-4 bus. days, and shipped 3-5 bus. days. So we wouldn’t have these until Christmas, so no one would get them until the new year. I can front for the order, but I don’t know if everyone is for this…

  5. Minister of Media and Technology
    Dec 13, 2005 @ 09:50:08

    I have the pictures all zipped up and ready to email to anyone that wants them. I sent them to MOM so he could post on the MOM each month with them, but I am all for the calendar thing. It is doable, but the place I originally was going to have them done would only do a single picture (not a different one for each month.) Good flapjack to you all.