Csi Make sure to mark your calendar for a trip to SB Sunday Feb. 5, we must follow our own example set last super bowl sunday, and in starting the tradition, I have personally inquired on the hiring of our own waitress. After visiting a certain establishment where I may be able to find someone willing to subject their body to our critique, I feel we may have a winner. I know that this is early but it would be better to plan advance to avoid any last second cancellations. In the event of a cancellation our house is close to the hostile, so we could always hang around and see what foreigner may want some extra spending money. Of course, we will speak of this event in the meeting to come further in the week. Godspeed.

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  1. Minister of Media and Technology
    Dec 12, 2005 @ 12:54:48

  2. jiGGa
    Dec 12, 2005 @ 12:48:52

    post a link to dat shit MT.

  3. Minister of Media and Technology
    Dec 12, 2005 @ 09:49:02

    Get dere. I saw something last week where guys in their dorm room, albeit it was in Canada, had two girls from their school strip for them. The whole thing was recorded. I only bring it up because I think asking a girl to be a waitress is not derogatory in any way, having her wear nothing but go-go boots on the other hand.

  4. Baumann
    Dec 12, 2005 @ 09:13:16

    If it comes down to it, I still have Chen’s phone number.