Phase One of Saving Christmas a success!

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YES! We did it, we did the first phase of "Operation Saving Christmas!" This phase consisted of wreath making, but you cant have Christmas without some bomb wreaths. Fidel was flawless on his hook making without him I don’t know how those wreaths would of held up! Mike made a little buddy named Devin, who was a very ambitous little guy. Schroeder, Bernie and I worked on placing the hooks and pine cones on with Martha Stewart like techniques. Finance later came and him and I did some final touches to the wreaths so that they could sell for the $35 dollars each they were worth after we were done.

We had a good time but this is only the first phase there is still lots of work to be done and I.F.S will not back down from the challenge. We cant let down these kids whom we have grown to love so dearly, who knows they may one day be the future of our secret organization. Which by the way made it hard to explain the question "what organization do you guys actually represent?"  Finance and I had to do some dancing around this question but I think we difused their curiosity. (They may think were pedophiles.) So I want to once again thank Mike, Bernie, Schroeder, Fidel, and Finance for making this a success. There is although much to be done in "Operation Saving Christmas" and we cant let down those damn kids. There will also be some pics coming soon, so Bunch stop riding me.  Anyway  good job fellas in helping to save Christams one wreath at a time!

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