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I can’t believe it has only been a few months and our site, with this post, will be at 100 posts.  I just want to thank everyone for contributing to the site.  Hopefully this is just the beginning of this site’s history.  I am currently looking into moving the site off of Typepad, not only because of this past weekend’s glitches, but to offer us a more robust solution, we may switch to WordPress.  This will require everyone to sign-up again, but don’t worry it will not be any more complicated a process than it needs to be, and I am confident that everyone has learned the basics to this weblog thing.  I will keep you all updated as this move develops but until then, keep on flapjackin’.

Also we did not decide on the time and location for January, I am sure C+R is all over this, but just a reminder we need to pinpoint that info.  I know that the Minister of Philanthropy might have some other obligations so we should figure this out ASAP to ensure another amazing meeting.  I will post my pictures from the weekend tomorrow, but until then, be sure to check out Amanda’s photos on Flickr.

Hope you’re feeling better after the 12-egg omelete Minister of I.A.  We want you to be ready to take on an IHOP eating challenge.  I’m not sure how accurate this article from 2004 is, but it claims that the chains pancake eating record is now 45.  The guy had 5 hours to do it too!  If anyone can find anymore information on the IHOP record please let us all know.  I think we could gain amazing publicity if someone from IFS stepped up to the challenge.  45 seems doable, but if we’re talking 100 or something I think we could be in trouble.

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