First_post_1 I know what you’re thinking. Yes it is about time, so here it is …..(drum roll)……NUMBER ONE! (applaud and roar) Thank you, thank you. Let me start by saying….(cant hear over applauds). Thank you again, thank you very much.  Let me start by expressing my gratitude to all of those who made this possible. To all those who have posted here before me and to Bunch for facilitating this. I am very honored and pleased to present to all of you this, my very own first post. (more roar) May there be many more to share in the near future with all you fine ministers and rabbi. Cheers!


I hate to follow on such a sour note but there is an issue that must be addressed. It has been rumored to me by a source that wishes to remain anonymous, that I have been the subject of some ill remarks. Upon scrutinizing the website it didn’t take too long for my suspicions to be confirmed by a certain intellectual and his witty title. Ah yes, the type reminded me of a certain aggressor who consequently might be entrusted with the responsibility of defense.  Or perhaps I was wrong. Maybe this was a mistake and came from an academic.  Maybe he’s just like some of us who stayed to extend our education rather than expedite it and maybe it was a learned mistake.  Sadly I saw the culprits name at the bottom of his blabber.


So baumann, next time you post, try something with content. Although coming from the competency of a minister who couldn’t defend sacred I.F.S. property when it was right under our noses, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a ‘Finance is still gay’ post tomorrow to confirm my skepticism of your scholarly prowess.


Moving on, congratulations to all those who participated today in financing the good souls of the boys and girls club with hard work. Good ol’ flapjack.  For those interested, Esteban and I got some info about coaching several different sports at the club. Each of us could even coach our own teams in the same league.  This would be pretty sweet.


As far as next months meeting goes I have a proposal. If were not set on

San Diego

as a destination, we could consider Rosco’s Chicken and Waffles. Conveniently located between

Santa Barbara


San Diego

this legendary diner offers some of the best cuisine around. Our only concern would be a backroom and the beers but there are quite a few locations in the LA area so we have some options. Maybe the minister of C&R could call around and see if its possible for a location to meet our needs.


Before I end this first post let me say to those that have been offended, I’ve got some making up to do. Nothing but the best wishes of flapjack dreams for all.


Minister of Finance

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  1. you're the fucking retard, bitch
    Dec 03, 2005 @ 22:06:43

    good thing you didn’t make a mockery of this site by posting that shit. But i bet you thought about it….

  2. Fucking Retard
    Dec 03, 2005 @ 12:55:02

    Are you retarded? WE are going to SD, you need to be a little quicker here monkey.