IFS fight song


8_ugly_people   im glad to see that everyone is posting now. thanks bunch for helping facilitate the process by teaching the ‘special’ ones how to do it.  so i sat down yesterday after saving Christmas, and my cup runneth over with IFS spirit.  i sat down and began to type what i think turned out to be a pretty sweet fight song.  i will leave it to the MAP to place his own spin on it, but i just wanted to get a feel for what you guys thought of it lyrically.  i wrote it to the tune and beat of my high school’s alma mater, if that gives you any idea of where i might have been going with this.  suggestions for lyrics are welcome / encouraged. 



shake, shake, shake, lean, ”flapjack”.

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  1. Minister of C. & R.
    Dec 05, 2005 @ 23:12:53

    Tommy, I’m sorry for the delay on this comment, but I really enjoyed these lyrics. Obviously they’re hilarious, but beyond that, they capture the true IFS spirit. Good Flapjack to you.

  2. letters
    Dec 04, 2005 @ 13:27:10

    dont forget to click on the picture of the bears. it looks funny when its big.

  3. minister of letters
    Dec 04, 2005 @ 13:18:07

    yeah, don’t listen to the program. try to imagine it as a fight/chant song. MAP and i will try to iron out the details.

  4. Minister of M+T
    Dec 04, 2005 @ 11:53:06

    I like the song but it doesnt sound very good in that program. Maybe you and the Minister of Auditory Pleasures should put this down on tape and have it ready for a demo session next meeting.