IFS Christmas Gift Exchange


Santa The MOF and I were talking about possibly having an IFS gift exchange at the San Diego meeting.  Those who are here in santa barbara can draw names out of a hat.  those who are not present can have names drawn by a non-member, which will be placed immediately into an individual envelope and sent to those not present for the drawing.  doing so will uphold the secrecy of all secret santa’s.  the gift should be approx. 10-20 bucks.  Kegs

Hair check out this guy!

shake, shake shake, lean, "flapjack"


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  1. Baumann
    Dec 07, 2005 @ 09:34:39

    I paid. For once, I paid someone pack in a timely manner. I still owe Minister of MOM money, though.

  2. Nova
    Dec 07, 2005 @ 09:24:53

    Before we get too excited about gifts and such, my account is still missing around 300 from the fronting of those beautiful shirts. I guess helping out everyone should never be done because your fellow ministers will fuck you in the ass. Until I am paid back the only gifts others should think about should be reach arounds, because they’re free.

  3. Minister of Media and Technology
    Dec 06, 2005 @ 10:47:14

    I forgot I already bought gifts for a few ministers, but I guess I can give them to whomever I get.

  4. Minister of Media and Technology
    Dec 05, 2005 @ 18:08:38

    I hope I’m not buying your gift Minister. I was speaking for others than myself, but maybe they should speak. I enjoy the giving spirit as much as the next person and don’t mind the extra expense, but I would like to see larger purchases made too, and I don’t want someone to buy me a good porno and then say that they can’t afford something for the betterment of the IFS name.

  5. baggs
    Dec 05, 2005 @ 16:36:11

    dude, its fucking christmas. . . pens can wait. and MOM gifts should only be a buck or 2 a person.

  6. Minister of Media and Technology
    Dec 05, 2005 @ 09:35:04

    Yeah gifts are nice, but I would rather see that money spent on our actual expenses, trophies, pens, more shirts, any after meeting activities, gift for MOM…and so on. I think we already have enough expenses without creating new ones right now

  7. schroediki
    Dec 04, 2005 @ 23:57:03

    Finance, you may want to consider that you still have not paid nova for the IFS official shirt…just a thought. but i do like gifts, especially those holiday boxes with little chocolates…

  8. minister of finance
    Dec 04, 2005 @ 15:36:45

    this is a great idea. we could even do this quarterly and keep the holiday spirit of gift giving in IFS throughout the year