I.F.S to the rescue

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Save_christmasSo I just got a call from good ol’ Earl at the Boys and Girls club.

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I dont know if you guys saw the I.F.S spotlight that he pointed into the night sky, but it looks like the Boys and Girls club needs our help. He asked if we could show up tommorrow at 2:00, I asked "how many do you need?"  and he replied "how many do you got?" there was a definite sense of desperation and urgency in his voice.

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So If anyone or everyone could show up Friday Dec. 2nd 2:00 p.m at 602 west anapamu st. you would all be better men for it. I already told sweet Earl and those cute little kids that Christmas will be coming this year, and I.F.S is bringing it! I also told him that I will have atleast three toChristmas four volunteers, but the more the "merrier". O.k enough jokes this is serious, we have been called upon to do our duty and we must answer that call because to many times people have hung up, or they let it go to their answer machine or voice mail and never get back to them. Not I.F.S though, we will answer that call and we will bring Christmas to those damn cute puppy faced kids.

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  1. Minister of Media + Technology
    Dec 02, 2005 @ 19:50:59

    Damnit Minister of Philanthropy start putting pictures in your post. Im sick of having to do your dirty work. How did this Philanthropic journey go, did anyone show up?