Hurricane IFS

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Hurricane_1It is with great pride and anticipation that the Mr. Converse and I eagerly brace for the “Hurricane” that is IFS, to
pound the small beachside community of San Diego with a storm surge of debauchery this coming weekend. Board up the windows and
get in the cellar, cause weather models are predicting a Level 4 strengthening
throughout the week into a full blown Level 5 by landfall Friday night!

 Unfortunately no IHOP for 50 miles will be willing to serve
us alcohol, but never fear, there are numerous establishments nearby who are
willing to accommodate our elite group and our specific needs. The venue of
choice, The Broken Yolk in Pacific Beach. I think this establishment will fill our
needs and our bellies. The reservation is for 9:00am Saturday morning.

 We’re planning a bit of a pre-party Friday night at my house
before making our way out to nearby bars. There are also a few birthdays this
weekend so we have even more reason to celebrate. Here are a few important addresses for you:

 Minister of MOM’s house:
Ocean Blvd. #312
San Diego, .CA

(You’ll need to be rung in to get upstairs)

Minister of R & S’s house:
4220 Noyes St.
San Diego, CA.

 Broken Yolk restaurant:
1851 Garnet Ave.
Pacific Beach,
CA. 92109
858-270-YOLK (9655)

 These locations are all off the I-5 South at
Garnet/Balboa exit. Aka,
Pacific Beach.

 *One last thing, places to sleep. I think
San Diego residents would happily welcome any member into our respective homes. There is
floor space and a few couches for all, but no 4 star accommodations, so bring a
blanket and pillow. If anyone wanted to split a hotel room to alleviate the
load, feel free but I think we can fit most if not all.

This Weekend’s
Forecast: Flapjacks and Beer with a chance of Fun.

Who’s your MOM?

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