Finance is Still Gay (And He’s Never Been to Indonesia)


On our two day drunk in San Diego last weekend we stumbled upon a good idea with the creation of a Minister of Discipline. However, I would like to amend the suggestion. I love Dane Campbell. I love that man with the kind of love that can only be shared between two men. He is one of the nicest people I know. And that is where the problem lays. He is too nice to be Minister of Discipline. The position of Minister of Discipline requires an iron fist. And the purpose of a position of Minister of Discipline would be to punish those who engage in the exact behavior that Mr. Campbell showed us at his inaugural meeting. So, what I propose is that the responsibilities of a Minister of Discipline be attached to an existing position. I think that position should be mine. For a few months now, I have felt underutilized as Minister of Defense. My responsibilities are not as clear cut as others, and I find myself wanting to give without knowing how. Now I’ll admit, the stolen trophy is mostly my fault, though I share some responsibility with the Minister of Media and Technology. And I am doing my best to protect us from our new and unseen foe. But I feel that I can take on additional duties. So I propose a formal change in title from “Minister of Defense” to “Minister of Defense and Discipline.” This would make me Minister of DAD. I think this is appropriate also because of my proximity to Minister of MOM in our seating arrangement.
Also, to address a matter of recent internal conflict, Minister of Finance, I love you, man. You are a good friend, and one of the original Bajonians, so I only say this out of affection. I know English is difficult to learn as a second language, but, being the academic you are, you owe it to yourself work a little harder on your writing. Your grammar and punctuation leave something to be desired. Next time have Nova proofread for you. He’s a smart fellow.
Cheers and Good FlapjackGrill_master

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  1. finance
    Dec 06, 2005 @ 03:58:09

    Content: A
    Predictability: A or F which ever is worse Entertainment: A
    I like this one better baumann. I think DAD and MOM are a good idea, seeing as how you two almost had sex together. love you too bud

  2. Nova
    Dec 05, 2005 @ 16:32:48

    Thanks scott you are pretty quick, as well.