Ministers and Rabbi,
     Good evening everyone.  I’m just posting to remind/confirm/discuss a couple items of business regarding our December meeting. 

First off, I hope everyone remembers that the December meeting is to take place on the 17th, in San Diego, California – our actual point of congregation is yet to be determined by our fellow San Diegan Ministers.
Second, last meeting we decided that our newest member would be Jordan.  I think it’s fair to say that you S.B. Ministers know him best, so you guys should probably handle the invite.  I for one think that this end of the year meeting would be a great time to take on a new Minister.

Third, last meeting we also decided that our post-meal act of leisure would be basketball.  So, in case you forgot, bring some shorts and running shoes with you.  The Minister of RS has informed me that there are several courts for us to choose from, so location shouldn’t be a problem.

I think that about covers it.  I know that we’re still in debate over whether we should have a gift exchange.  Sounds like a great idea, but, the Minister of ID is still owed for the shirts – and before we go making plans for more spending, I think we need to take care of past debts first.  Feel free to comment on anything I just covered.  Have a good flapjack.

-Minister of C. & R.

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  1. letters
    Dec 10, 2005 @ 20:02:10


  2. Baumann
    Dec 09, 2005 @ 17:19:06

    Watch the tone there, Bunches. We’re all friends here.

  3. Minister of Media and Technology
    Dec 09, 2005 @ 10:03:24

    There is no suspension, he decides when he wants to start. If the Minister of Letters would please type up the sacred doctrine w/ ammendments, and maybe some minutes from last meeting we would know this.

  4. jigga
    Dec 09, 2005 @ 08:52:54

    I didn’t realize that a suspension was a possiblity in this case. I thought that once someone has the invitation extended their way, that they choose the date when they can began attending, at which point they cannot miss any of their first three meetings. If my understanding of the rules is correct, then I don’t think Jordan would be facing any sort of penalty. (Minister of ID – picture the star of CSI saying this to you in a condensending fashion)

  5. Minister of ID
    Dec 08, 2005 @ 19:34:28

    Unfortunately, Jorday will not be able to attend our meeting this month, he is very amped on joining and the new year will be his start. Being as he is from Hershey, PA, he had to book a ticket to go home for the holidays months in advance. If we had known months in advance of his invite, im sure he would have worked something out. Be it as it may, I feel he should not be given the two month invite suspension, maybe instead he should wear a new years diaper to the january meeting.

  6. Minister of Media and Technology
    Dec 08, 2005 @ 18:09:42

    If we do secret santa someone is getting two high-gravity forteez, cause I know I am.