Back In My Day We Used to …


ThreetapsI’m all for the advancement of technologies, especially when they improve beer distribution efficiency, but why the fuck didn’t they release this four years ago.  This would have saved me hours of awkward shoving and the general feeling of worthlessness standing around a spigot controlled by the endentured sap who sits at the keg way too long.  At $100 for an Adolphus appropriate version, IFS should look into investing in one of these.  The Uber Tap, a three pronged tap with a foot pump.

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  1. Minister of Media + Technology
    Dec 02, 2005 @ 19:48:16

    Watch out everyone Finance said he is going to post tonight!!

  2. Baumann
    Dec 02, 2005 @ 17:10:32

    If everyone puts in $15 we can buy one and a keg in San Diego to try it out on. Bringing back keg parties is a lovely idea. Too bad collecting money lays on the shoulders of the Minister of Finance. Otherwise it might actually happen.