To Live and To Die By the Cake of IHOP?

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No_boozeWe have established a long tradition of meeting at IHOP.  It seems like only yesterday six bleary-eyed college students went into an IHOP, but came out an International Society.  As we have lived through our one-year anniversary and look to claim larger goals and landmarks, a tradition is at stake.  Our carnal desire to drink beer and eat flapjacks at IHOP, while pushing the boundaries of our worldliness, cannot happen in San Diego.  San Diegan IHOP’s don’t serve booze and will not allow booze.

Immediately I thought, well why don’t we sneak in flasks, but the thought of Jameson’s mixed withSunset_and_san_diego_skyline pancakes forced part of my morning coffee to seethe in my eternal belly fire.  What is an International Society as prominent as ours to do?  With only two and half weeks till meeting, we may need to compromise.  The Minister of MOM has already been working hard to try to make this happen, and his work should not be in vain.

I for one do not care about the establishment.  There is a reason we don’t have Dottie on our sleeves, and it’s not the ten dollars, it’s that things like that change.  The SB IHOP is one of a kind, and if we could continue eating there everytime we would, although I question our safety after my close call with a burgalar. 

Bob_in_front_of_dottieAll we need is faith my brothers.

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