This Sites 50th Post (And the 1 Year Anniversary of IFS)

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LotsofpancakesAs this will be the 50th post of this site’s short but embattled history, I thought it was only fitting to write on another landmark in IFS history, the one year anniversary that will be taking place Saturday.  Originally concieved on a Friday morning wrought with Mid-terms and other obligations, the dedication exhibited by the majority of IFS members is inspiring.  The selflessness of all those honored with membership should be applauded.Nochild_1

What should we do to properly celebrate our accomplishments this weekend ?

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  1. Baumann
    Nov 14, 2005 @ 20:44:20

    To celebrate the one year anniversary of our glorious organization we should all get to Santa Barbara the night before the meeting, go to bars and drink as much as we can, eat flapjacks in the morning, smoke a lot of pot and cigarettes and take naps and/or play Winning 11, go out to bars again the next night and drink as much as we can, then go home the next day broke, empty and utterly defeated.