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Applevideolg2Ok, I have purchased more music in the last year than I probably have in my whole life, considering my adept computer skills can access any piece of multimedia for free, I have begun to feel less guilty by paying for it.  With music it was easy however, my music tastes have become less mainstream, and illegaly downloading the albums I want becomes tougher.  Simple supply and demand, the supply agress with the demand, but what I want, most downloaders don’t.  TV Shows are quickly becoming like music as far as downloads are concerned.  The iPod Video will only further mainstream acceptance of shows outside of the boob tube.

I became interested in the pricepoint of these episodes – how did they come up with $2?  Music had established a pricepoint back in the CD days, heh CDs are so yesterday.  TV however is so packaged up that you can’t order just a show, let alone a whole station.  So where does that price come from.  Engadget, a daily read for me, has an interesting/detailed article that argues for the pricepoint here.  But that got me to thinking, what could I get for the $2 instead of a TV show I will see eventually, Tivo-d at a friends house or at work. So here is a list of things you can get for $2 instead of precious TV shows:

A 40 of malt liquor (im talking Colt 45 or King Cobra) – $1.50
A Bic Lighter – $1.99
Split a Pack of Smokes with a friend – $2
200 Wishes At Your Local Wishing Well – $2
2 Condoms – $.99/each
2 Chicken Soft Tacos at Del Taco – $.79/each

(By combining the above items you have a pretty good night out.)

This is a short list, but this is what I would spend my money on if I saved $2 for every show I didn’t watch.  How bout you?

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