The Wardrobe

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The official IFS uniform is finally complete and will arrive this weekend just in time for the celebration of the one year anniversary. This will most likely be the most expensive T-shirt you have ever purchased, but then again it should be valued as the most important item in your wardrobe. Did I mention there is a front chest pocket with IFS printed in Old English? The Minister of Interior Design was gracious enough to cover the overall cost with the promise from the Minister of Wardrobe that he will be paid in full this upcoming weekend, I don’t think we will need your assistance Finance, but thanks. There are extra shirts for the ladies of IFS and for future members. Each shirt cost $48, I know, I know…but how can you put a price tag on such quality; I also won’t have to sit across form the yellow Lacoste again. I believe it would be appropriate for each member to wear a blazer as well. Good Flapjack. Mail_1

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