Sony: 0, World: 1

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In a victory for sanity, Sony Music anounced this week that it will abandon the Orwellian copy protection program which it has already used for several dozen of its artists – including some of my personal favorites like Celine Dion and Sarah  McLachlan.  Under the program, called XCP, PC users are unable to play the protected CD without special Sony Software.  Designed to prevent filesharing, this measure unfortunately also prevents IPods, mix CD’s and just about everything worthwhile you can do with music.  Sony’s cave-in on this comes in the wake of several major viruses exploiting the protection software to hide from anti-viruses.  It should help to convince the some of the suits in the music and film industries that any solution to the filesharing problem will have to come from dialogue between companies and consumers rather than a couple mad scientists in Tokyo.  So fire up Kazaa and get yourself a Dion box set, and while your at it be sure to download Backdoor Slammers and Ball Busters starring Ginger Lynn – I’ve heard they’re phenomenal.

– Minister of Auditory Pleasures

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