Saving Christmas!


First I want to reply to the post about worring about some robots beating me in a dance off. I want to say I am not scared in the slightest and I will serve them up something proper if it ever goes down! Robots are irresponsible dancing machines and philanthropy will have to give them a brief tutorial on the one two step.

Scene1Now that I have that off my chest I want to get down to business, I talked to Earl at the B&G club again. I hadn’t recieved a response so I gave him a call, he said he hadn’t forgot about us and told me he needed us more than we needed him. I laughed and replied "No Earl it Scene2is we who need you and those damn kids more than you need us, we need their loving giggles, their goofy smiles, and their stupid remarks. No Earl it is not you who needs us, it is us who need you. We need to see hope in those kids beady little eyes again, and make them realize Christmas is coming, and I.F.S is bringing it!.." He then put a kid on the phone named Bobby who losts his parents to some crazy dancing robots. Anyway I assured the kid that I would find those out of control, loose cannon robots. I also assured him we would bring him Christmas if I.F.S hadScene3 anything to say about it. So guys in the S.B chapter there will come a time soon probably before the 1st of December when you might get a call to help save Christmas.

SadI know we all have a lot of stuff on our plate, and could all come up with excuses but I urge you to remember little Bobby and his sad story. I don’t want to have to look into that kids teary eyes and tell him Christmas has to be postpond till next year because Santa also got killed by one of those damn dancing robots. Don’t make me lie to this kids sweet face, so how about it guys what say we save Christmas for those crazy little bastards!

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  1. Minister of Defense
    Nov 30, 2005 @ 15:26:03

    Fuck yeah

  2. Minister of Media and Technology
    Nov 30, 2005 @ 09:53:01

    Hazzah for the shopkeep. Keep up the good work. Once we have SB philanthropy established it’s on to the rest of us: LA, OC, SD. I can’t wait to see the Minister of Defense in South Central teaching kids how to dunk.

  3. Minister of C. & R.
    Nov 29, 2005 @ 20:53:06

    yo jigga, jess lemme no wen dis shitz goin down an i’l chek an c if it dont git n da way my bitnis. free tookie. holla.

  4. Minister of Defense
    Nov 29, 2005 @ 18:47:58

    Minister of Philanthropy, bravo. You tell those dancing robots. Good job, and good flapjack.