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All Hail the Member
of the Year!

As the Minister of Member of the Month I took the initiative to recognize Mr.
Mike Casanova (Minister of Interior Design) as the Member of the Year for 2005.
I think everyone would agree Mr. Casanova embodies the image, neigh the spirit
of I.F.S.


His dedication to
flapjacks goes well beyond our monthly meetings. We should all strive to be
more like Mr. Casanova. So raise your glass to your member of the Year! It’s kind of a big deal. (Mike pictured as


I also want to thank and congratulate the Minister of
Wardrobe, Mr. Mark Schroeder as the Member of the Month for November. Well Done
Sir, A fine job indeed. (Mark pictured as Blanche).


Some damn punk kids apparently wheelie-boarded into our
meeting while we were in our post ordering smoke break and stole our Member of
the Month Trophy. But not to fear the Minister of MoM is currently researching
possible trophy options for both the Member of the Month and Year. I was thinking possibly a body building
themed trophy, seems appropriate.


And lastly, everyone can count on an incredible weekend in San Diego for December.
(Mark your calendars Dec. 17th in SD) With the Minister of Revelry
and Spirits at my side we won’t fail in delivering a damn fine meeting, and


Minister of MOM, Out.

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