A Flapjack Miracle!

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Jayson_williams Ministers and Rabbi,

The Minister of Media and Technology raises an important point – with our Rabbi missing, we must decide for ourselves what the post-meeting act of leisure will be.  We really shouldn’t half-ass this one (i.e. passing out in front of "UFOs: Seeing is Believing" hosted by Peter Jennings), so I think everyone should post their idea for a celebration worthy of the IFS One Year Anniversary.  Either comment on this post, or on the Minister of Media and Technology’s post, or make your own post, but EVERYONE should make a recommendation – especially those who haven’t got around to posting on this site yet.  And the sooner we post our ideas, the sooner we can decide on one.

I suggest that this year we keep it simple and find a park with some decent hoops for some full court basketball.  With our number of Ministers we could go five on five with subs, and hopefully play a three or five game series.  I know this plan doesn’t fall in line with our typical ‘binder’ routine, but if any of you remember the View/Manor basketball series last year, getting outside and ‘doing stuff’ can be fun too.  Of course I’m always open to a three-day drunken odyssey that ends in cold sweats and paranoia induced nightmares, if that’s what everyone wants.  Whatever we decide upon, I’m hoping for a Flapjack-Anniversary Miracle. 

-Minister of Coordination and Rousing

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  1. Minister of M+T
    Nov 14, 2005 @ 19:26:28

    As you know I am partial to drunken immobility, but I have been known to rock the boards in a burning lung haze. And don’t forget my ability to take over the court after two high gravity forteez. Bring it, but seriously we should dance in a fountain of syrup and lie on pillows of butter until we can’t feel feelings.