Unlucky 13

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UhygclownI just noticed Diego joined up which is cool cause he was a part of the 3 that havent signed up, the other two can remain nameless, but I am disappointed.  Hopefully a second round of invites and the invites to our two new member should spark the usage of this site.Ondklovn5Ondklovn3

On a related joining, signing up type note, we now have 13 members, which is unlucky for many reasons, this needs to be ratified.  With the addition of the Minister of ? (Dane), we can make it an even 14, so Diego doesn’t have to sit at the butt end of the table and him and Dane can stare majestically into eachothers eyes.  Esteban take care of this.Ondklovn6

(Bernie: Halloween’s coming and the clowns don’t sleep, they just eat baby feet.)Ondklovn2

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