The Wild Wild East

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To the Minister of Media and Technology and indeed all members of the
International Flapjack Society:

Both the secretary of Defense and I have returned safely from our Indonesian
adventure safe and sound. We have been brought up to speed on the new
inductees and I welcome John Converse and Fidel Lambie to the organization.

Much to my dismay i will not be able to attend the next meeting due to a
conflict with a funeral i need to attend. I can assure you all, I wish i was
in the company of the IFS members, eating flapjacks and drinking Bud on
Saturday morning.  So  hopefully someone can cover my duties for one more

So to contribute something to the next meeting in my absense i donate a few
pictures from our travels. They have flapjacks in West Java, and we took
some pictures of their delicious cake of pan. Hmmmm. Also a pretty sweet one
of Curtis and Arnold together, like men.






Hold a good thought for Fricker this Saturday. I’ll hold one for the
International Flapjack Society.

Your Humble Servant,

Minister of Member of the Month

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  1. jigga
    Oct 19, 2005 @ 00:48:44

    2 bills, the Jigga.