Same old song

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Annanicolesmithnude4Brothers what is it about Halloween that makes you feel the added desire to get obliterated?  Camille and I dressed up like Anna Nicole Smith before and after trim-spa, which seemed to be a huge hit.  However because of my new found awkward femininity I decided it would be a good idea to post up around the table that was piled high with 50 different kinds of liquor.  Next thing you know, I am taking shots of rum with a Pirate, tequila with a dirty Mexican (no offense Biaz and Nova but you know that some of your people are dirty) whiskey with a godamn cowboy, and then……….everything went black.  Apparently sometime after that I slapped a Fisherman across the face who then threw me over a balcony of which Camille found me sometime later bloodied with puke bubbles coming out of my nose.  Needless to say she threw the towel in for me and carried her fat Anna home.  I awoke in the morning with my face against the cold porcelain without a memory of the night.  The feeling aroused a certain similarity to Curtis’s surprise BDay (for those of you who don’t know the story ask someone who attended, but I can honestly say that was a top five low point in my life, maybe top three).  So when we are celebrating this years Halloween and feel the desire to drink away our awkwardness, just remember the story of John and his bout with being dressed like a woman.

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  1. Dorothy
    Oct 30, 2005 @ 21:27:29

    If I had only read this sooner. My experience as a Golden Girl last night went a little better, but the awkwardness was still the same. Next time I see a fisherman, I’ll slap him and see what happens.