Least We Beat those NY Stankees

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ChilidavisI know this is a week late, but I am still reeling from the Anaheim Angels of the World’s loss to the Chi Sox, who were only cool when they had Frank Thomas in their four spot.  The Angels loss was disappointing, but thank God it wasn’t to the Yankees or Red Sox this year; I can’t fucking stand the fans from either of those whiny, steeped in false tradition teams.  Still the loss to Chicago will haunt my dreams, as that Little League call by Eddings haunts my daytime delirium tremens.  But a picture is worth a thousand words, and this one from Deadspin is worth a thousand more, if we had Chili and some of that Jim Abbot one-handed spark we would have left the Chi Sox where they belong, on the bench with their crosstown Cubbies. 

But onto next year, the Angels have posted their schedule for next season so start saving for one of those thirty game packages.

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