Shirt Inspired by Finance

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FinancepreviewCheck out the hot new line starring Finance.

Update: If you want to show your support for Katrina Victims head on over to, the t-shirt site I’ve been talking about, to get a $10 tee that’s cool looking and they will donate $20 to the relief aid.

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  1. Fricker
    Sep 10, 2005 @ 23:31:25

    Bunch the shirt is awesome, i think the first thing i do when i get back into the states is get one of those, for myself. Anyhow i’m currently awiting the secretary of denfense’s arrival in Bali in a few hours.
    Just a quick note, although the food here is great it’s no IHOP. However, we are staying in little bungalow area by the beach and the woman who owns the place can make a pretty mean indonesian flapjack. We may need to order a few and get a picture for the website in order to really hammer home the International in International Flapjack Society. We really are transending international boundaries. In fact i think it’s a great idea for anyone going to another country. (Strauss?) to find a place that serves a good flapjack and get a picture, you know spread the good word of the cake of pan. I’ll do my part. From the Indonesian chapter of the IFS, this is the Minister of Member of the month signing off!