OC Day is Finally Here

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Peter_gallagher36As summer retards into fall, and baseball looms over FOX’s October TV Scheduling, four new episodes of the OC will reopen America’s window into the real life of OC high schoolers and the drama that role entails.  And now I am without a home to watch and enjoy this wonderful show so  I will have to find a bar that airs it on Thursdays.   But in case you spent too many nights playing indoor ass grab instead of drinking beer and sucking titties, here is what you missed from the end of last season:

Marissa shot Trey as he was kicking the shit out of Ryan on the floor of Marissa’s ex-lesbian lover’s, Alex, apartment.  All of this drama was caused by Trey’s coke-fueled advances towards Marissa who so would not hook-up with jail-bait. 

Seth and Summer have reunited once again, and will be the only steady continuation from last season.  Kirsten was shipped off to rehab, leaving Sandy a mansion, and a 7 series BMW to freely pimp out the Newpsies.

Caleb Nichol, now departed, has opened the window for the prowling bachelor Jimmy Cooper to return and take advantage of life on steady ground.  As his parenting skills will be called into question, Jimmy will have to handle the sex kitten Julie Cooper-Nichol, and his gun toting daughter.  Least he doesn’t have to deal with that other one no one speaks of.

Now that you are caught up with last season, let’s take a look at the new characters moving into Newport:

12mThe first new character you will definitely notice is Jeri Ryan as Charlotte Morgan, Kirsten’s new rehab buddy.  We can only hope that some Kirsten goes through a similar Marissa-like sexual exploration phase.

46mA new season of the OC wouldn’t be the same without a new dean at Harbor, Eric Mabius will take over as Dean Hess.  We can only hope that he brings the intensity and range of his character from Resident Evil.

43mWith Marissa getting kicked out of Harbor, the food chain has an opening, and although I would have thought that Marissa had fallen a few rungs in the last year, her top spot will be filled with Taylor Townsend played by Autumn Reeser.  One can only hope that Summer’s cat-like claws rip this girl’s clothes to shreds.

Look for a possible Demi Moore appearance as the season gets over the MLB dominated October hump and let the drinking games resume.


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