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To the Secret Society formally recognized as I.F.S.,

          To the Minister of Media and Technology – the site looks great.  I’ll be in town this weekend, so we can meet up for the pictures.  Minister of MOM, that was a nice post, and hopefully you can keep it up over in Indo, so we know what’s going on.  I would also like to make it known that I am stongly opposed to a default MOM for the month of September.  No member should take home that trophy on a default, especially when that member received two votes in total (one of which was a sympathy vote).  I’m sure someone could take over your position while you’re gone Minister of MOM, I’m thinking the Minister of Interior Design would be a good fit, seeing that he excells in arts and crafts and all that shit.  Anywas, I’ll be posting shortly with possible times for the next meeting (hopefully we can fit in a September meeting before the Rabaii of Leisure leaves).  Good flapjack and God bless. 

                                                                              -Your humble servant,

                                                                               The Minister of Coordination and Rousing

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