IFS’s 1st Chance At Philanthropy

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FundablelogoI have started a group page for IFS at Fundable.org.  The site allows us to electronically pool our money for donations and purchases since we live all over the globe.  I started the first group action, a fund raiser for Katrina Victims.  I thought this could be our first act of philanthropy as a globally minded flapjack society.  I have personally donated my $10 already, but I set the target at $110 for the 11 current members.  I will be contacting the Minister of Philanthropy about the project so that we can expedite this campaign.  I look forward to the success of our first charitable act.  Let me know if anyone needs any help figuring out the technical aspects of the electronic payment system because myself or the Minister of Philanthropy can take your money and donate it to the sites goal.

IFS Katrina Fund Raiser

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