My congratulations to the minister of Media and Technology. I especially liked the Finance photo set, Brilliant! But I think the question on everyone’s mind is, "When is the IFS Abercrombie rejects photos/calendar coming out?"  I think we need profiles.

We all in all, good meeting, thanks to Schnitzel for adding the I in the I.F.S. with the Brazilian booze. Hopefully we will start to use this site a little more, since our time together is so short every month. Possible items for discussion:

*IFS Vegas Trip. (I say we give this one a little time so everyone can plan to make it. New Years?)
*Next meeting date? (Last Saturday of every month, is that official?)
*Possible Reassignmrny of the Rabbi of leisure position in Josh’s absence. (Finance’s minister of finance position could work nicely with this. Ex. Finance collect and extra $5 at the next meeting, do math for purchase of rafts and beer afterwards, sounds like the perfect candidate to me.)
*Personal Profiles for the website: I think to make things simple we should all write our own profiles maybe between 500-1000 words each, including;

things i do, when not eating pancakes:
Favorite IFS member:
Least Favorite IFS member:
favorite IFS moment:
(Feel free to add to the list. I think i’d be a good goal for everyone to have thier IFS profile done, before the October meeting, the sooner the better. Bunch, what do we need to do? Lets agree on a format and put it together,)

Personal Notes:
Bunch, keep this shit moving, hopefully we (you) can get the profile and pics up into a cohesive dynamic display of our sweet pancake breakfast. I eagerly await any progress.

Finance, Baumann and I are goin to INDO and you’re not coming, cause you have to take math classes.

But hey, thanks to a technicality you are the MOM for next month. (explained below.)

Baumann, Aren’t you glad stinky monk Finance isn’t coming to INDO with us?

Oh, and nice MOM for next month, too bad you won’t be there for the meeting to be honored, that was overlooked, by myself. Which actually might mean the next closest in the voting was Finance, making him the MOM for next month, by default. (The sympathy vote clinched the award for Mr. Finance.) So I don’t know what that means, but i think the current month’s MOM needs to be present, sorry Baumann might have to wait yet another month. Whammy.

Nova, Thanks for loaning Baumann $1115 for a plane ticket, that was hell of cool.

Curtis: I can’t wait to hear the rest of the Arnold Megamix. After the trip i’ll help be your secretary of Arousal, I mean rousing..

Bernie: Aren’t you Bernie Bags, like from the Radio?!

Mark: Thanks for keeping the rainbow parade to a minimum last meeting.

Josh, Cook the shit out of some Wallaby and Roo’s. We’ll see you later.

Esteban, If we don’t start giving back to this community, people are just going to think we’re some sort of ragtag social drinking group, which we so aren’t! So uhhh yea maybe we could organize a pancake breakfast for sick orphans or something. Also, impress upon Dane the importance of his accepting the intivation. Sorry I couldn’t be there for his first meeting.

Diego, Thanks for all the INDO tips and the caipirinha (or whatever). It was tasty and I got real drunk on it. You son of a bitch.

Everyone, Try and post stuff here it could be a really good way of resolving important IFS issues, without having to try and get everyone’s attention in the drunken meetings.

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  1. ministerofID
    Aug 30, 2005 @ 12:40:45

    Ok fricker, nice example for everyone to follow, but I don’t think baez should be MOM for two votes, besides I really meant to vote for you. we should all keep the site going and even though I dont know the practical use of these, i am going to look into getting rubber IFS stamps, if anything it would be cool to have.
    Bunch- are we able to purchase anything from the store yet?

  2. Minister of Media and Technology
    Aug 30, 2005 @ 12:24:10

    Fricker, I like the initiative with the long post, but could you work on your Caps Locking b/c you’re making me dyslexic.