Website Updates to Come

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    I should have given a little explanation to the start of the site. Im not sold on the banner just yet, it was a quick Photoshop session and can be improved upon. Img_1856
     I want to get a set of graphics going though, so I can make our IFS store, and have available a bunch of sweet IFS Gear that we can purchase, like beer mugs, and thongs.  If anyone wants to get create any graphics for IFS, Mark or Josh maybe those sweet ass iBooks could be used for something other than porn and music.  If anyone has any comments on the look of the site, fonts, and such let me know.
    The site will have a link to our Flickr group, and the store that will be set up shortly, but other than that I don’t know.  Any sites you guys like I put up a link to.
    I don’t have an email address for Diego, so he hasnt gotten an invitation to his or Flickr, so if someone could ask him that would be great.  Also, I will put together a list of everyones cell #’s and emails so we can access that when we need it.
    As far as the profiles go, I will need to get all the pictures from Amanda’s camera, so Curtis I don’t know when you will see her next, but I was thinking the best way is going to be to burn all the pictures from the weekend, cause I want my shirtless dancing shots, on to a disc, and then I can post them all to our Flickr account.  She could probably post to Flickr, but it takes awhile, and you have to have a pay account for large groups of photos.  But once I have the photos and profiles, its as easy as cut and paste for postImg_1855ing them.  Until next month, stay flapjackin.

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