The I.F.S. Store

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Greekbluebig10x10_apparelIs open for business.  The IFS Store  Again if there are any graphics we want to put on these clothes and items it is super easy to make new items so let me know what you think.  You can find the link on the right too.  I have added just about every product they sell right now, but I will be doing continual updates on fonts and such so if you want something and don’t see it anymore, just let me know and I can switch it out so you can order the font and color you want.  Or if you have any fonts or color or graphics I should put on a particular item to make it cooler let me know.  They will be able to make calendars for our Abercrombie shoot, so once I get those photos from Curtis a sweet gay calendar will be available for order.  Let me know what month you want to be on.

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